Kenebonda Earthsound Grooves

Kenebonda - Earthsound Grooves!

Kenebonda CD

Kenebonda takes the audience on a
journey into the exciting world of rhythm.
Their songs include the soft sounds of
handpans, ngoni and framedrums as well
as ecstatic rhythms on westafrican
djembes, dunduns and krins. Different
musical cultures and styles are mixed
together into a unique sound, which
invites the listener to dream and to

1. Aurora 3:02

2. Sky 5:08

3. Krin 2:32

4. Mama Africa 5:05

5. Blue Hour 3:12

6. Ephesos 3:17

7. Don´t look back 3:29

8. Lune de mon village 4:13

9. Soko 2:46

10. Red Poppy 5:34

11. Wassolon 4:09

12. Soundship 3:08

Gesamtspielzeit: 45:44 min.

Preis: 15€


Yela Brodesser: Vocals, Cajon, Framedrum, Tabla, Udu, Djembe, Dundun, Handpan, Krin, Shaker
Daniel Giordani: Handpan, Djembe, Dundun, Ngoni, Talking Drum, Kanjira, Roda-Drum, Balafon, Berimbao, Kalimba, Udu, Shaker, Bells, Vocals
Special Guest on "Mama Africa": MC Coalman

booking and info:
Music, Text and Arrangement by Kenebonda (Yela Brodesser and Daniel Giordani)
Text on "Mama Africa" Yela Brodesser and MC Coalman
Recorded and mixed by Shanta Noir (O. Trapp) at
Synnoir Studio