handpan book

The Handpan Book (English Edition)

for beginners and slightly advanced players, with online videos

With their soft and gentle tones, handpans must be one of the most interesting, newly developed musical instruments around today. For anyone wishing to find out more, this book by Daniel Giordani provides a great way to get started. A full range of exercises enable the various playing techniques to be developed step by step. Thanks to the simple and easy-to-follow notation, you will very quickly be able to play different rhythms and to combine them with beautiful melodic sequences.Numerous exercises to improve coordination and independence of the hands together with lots of Afro, rock and hip-hop grooves make learning how to play really energising. With its exercises for chords, cross-rhythms and double strokes, the book has plenty of challenges in store for slightly advanced players as well.
What’s more, seven engaging practice pieces will provide a little repertoire for the first performances.Together with the musical notation, the linked online videos are also a very good additional aid to learning. All the exercises can be played with the wide variety of handpan scales.

This edition is also available in German: Das Handpanbuch, D 910, ISBN 978-3-86849-350-4

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Art.Nr. D 910
ISBN 978-3-86849-350-4
ISMN 979-0-50017-523-0
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